Andrea Cecilia, 16, and her sister Amidala Amira, 8, wait in the San Juan airport for their flight to Miami.

Elissa Nadworny/NPR

As of Oct 12, 2017 roughly 3.4 million residents of Puerto Rico are still living without power and the worst part is there is no immediate relief in sight. Some parts of the island will go without power for up to 6 months. Imagine being in a tropical climate, where the average temperature is in the High 80’s, with no electricity to run a fan, AC, or refrigerator. To make matters worse most are currently without fresh water as well, resulting in people traveling miles to local springs in order to cook, bathe or clean what is left of their damaged home. The Virgin Islands are experiencing similar devastation.

The superintendent of Miami Dade County Public Schools Alberto Carvalho expressed to the Miami Herald on Sept 22nd “Everybody is related to somebody on the island and they may not want their kids out of school for long periods of time, I think it is very, very likely that we will see a surge in the hundreds to perhaps a few thousand” Puerto Rican students coming to South Florida and the Orlando area, he added.

In efforts to help our fellow Americans’ that are dealing with this Humanitarian crisis, Tiffany R. & Team of H.O.P.E foundation are partnering up to organize a school supply drive to the students who will be entering our school system here in South Florida. All donations will go towards bookbags and school supplies and will be dropped off to five Miami Dade Public Schools. The ideology behind this fundraiser is to relieve the financial burden of education from the families who are already suffering. Our hope for this fundraiser is to drop off at least 50 supply-filled bookbags to the five school’s registration offices so when the student registers for that institute, they will be given a bookbag as a “Welcome” Gift. Let’s make our children of the future feel at home.