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#HashtagLunchbag is the perfect example of how a small group of people on a local level can make a tremendous impact, one small act at a time. #HashtagLunchbag is an event that started in L.A. in 2012 by a small group of friends. It has since spread into a nationwide project, and anyone can bring the event to his or her own city.

The project is a humanity service movement dedicated to empowering and inspiring humanity to reap the benefits of giving through the use of social media. The #HashtagLunchbag experience consists of bringing together a group, creating bagged lunches, dropping in a handwritten love note acknowledging the recipient, distributing the meals in our local community, and sharing our experiences with our friends & followers, inspiring them to pay it forward - turning one ripple of kindness into a wave, one lunch bag at a time! 

The Team of H.O.P.E. teamed up with #HashtagLunchbag to bring it to the city of North Miami. On Saturday, November 19th, 2016 we were joined with volunteers of all ages to prepare over 700 meals. We had special guests, live painting,raffles and music provided by 99 Jamz DJ Lucky C. 

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