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Research in education & economic development shows that aesthetics can drastically reduce crime-rates & promote urban renewal. Most mural projects just invite artists to show up, paint a mural & move-on - leaving locals marginalized & disconnected from urban development. Instead, our mural will be a great opportunity for community empowerment & civic education. This is a great way for the students to inject PRIDE and HOPE into their school. 

Project: Thomas Jefferson Middle School

"Everyday Counts"

Beautification of School Main Entrance 

Team of H.O.P.E. and Unconventional partnered based on the belief that together we will create a greater impact. Members of the community, students, volunteers and renowned artist Marlon Pruz, have untied to make this mural activation possible. The intention is to leave a beautiful mark in the North Miami community generating new long-lasting human relationships and spark innovation in high-need population.  We hope we could inspire the students & staff and at Thomas Jefferson Middle. 

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