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Activation: Thomas Jefferson Middle School

Beautification of School Main Entrance 

"Everyday Counts"



Team of H.O.P.E. and Unconventional partnered based on the belief that together we will create a greater impact. Members of the community, students, volunteers and renowned artist Marlon Pruz, have untied to make this mural activation possible. The intention is to leave a beautiful mark in the North Miami community generating new long-lasting human relationships and spark innovation in high-need population.  We hope we could inspire the students & staff and at Thomas Jefferson Middle. 

"The intention for this mural was to create a piece of art that illustrates how hard work and dedication can get you to the destination of your dreams. Students attend school to equip themselves with the tools, knowledge, and experience that is needed to become successful in the future. Much like a train persistently chugging to reach the final station over the horizon; students come in to school day to day determined, and working hard to reach their ambitions. The perspective in the piece transforms the wall into a portal that almost gives the illusion that one could just walk right in and hop on the train to reach their desired station in life. When a student walks through the doors of this school, they have already embarked on this journey. It is up to you on how much dedication, hard work, and fuel you put into the train."



From the Artist Marlon Pruz

Video Recap

Photo Recap

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